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Floating Dock 2


Our floating dock systems do not float on the water but in the water by containing water ballast which provides a very stable docking unit. With a ballasted unit we require no water anchors for docks extending from shore up to 50ft, beyond 50ft the amount of anchors are minimal, and are determined by the exposure of the system to winds and boat traffic, this greatly reduces the overall maintenance costs and effort associated with floating docks, especially when compared to other types of floating structures.   The other advantage is the docks are very stable and work excellent as a wave break, be it from open water or boat traffic.

Our floating docks contain four major components which include :

  • A steel main frame that is protected by a hot dipped galvanized application in accordance with American Galvanizing Association. Galvanized application when applied correctly has a first time maintenance requirement of 90 to 100 years even in salt water

We Manufacture the steel frames with our new unique lubricated hinge connections to accommodate multiple extensions and desired pier connections.

  • We use Dow Styrofoam Billets that are secured within the steel frame; made of rigid extruded polystyrene foam that are lightweight and won’t lose their buoyancy, even if punctured. They are unaffected by salt or fresh water, won’t waterlog, rust or corrode, and are resistant to damage from destructive marine growth.
  • The steel frame is then completely enclosed with either IPE lumber or a High Density Polyethylene Resin Panels (HDPR /Puck Board Material). Both products are not affected by Rodents or exposure to ice and water.
  • Decking and Side Boards: We typically use Red Cedar, Pressure Treated Lumber , Brazilian IPE, or Polyethylene Resin Panels